Stick Transform

Stick Transform
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In the entertaining running game Stick Transform, you must sprint and get past every obstacle by changing into a variety of characters with diverse jobs. Can you win every game by employing personnel wisely?

How to play

In Stick Transform game, you have the finest chance to enjoy yourself even more while attempting to finish the stages. You will have access to a wide range of players who you can choose from as needed. There are many characters in this game, including Runner, Builder, Fireman, Boxer, and Policeman. Simply select one of these based on the upcoming challenge.

To overcome obstacles, transform the stickman. Accomplish levels to earn incentives. Choose a runner to run quickly, a fireman to put out fires, a policeman to chase down thieves, etc. As you play, you can gather coins and unlock a lot of new characters. Any character you choose can have their skills upgraded using those coins. Now, make quick decisions to beat the challenges and live opponents to win each level!

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