Watermelon Run 3D

Watermelon Run 3D
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With 3D watermelon platforms and blocks, Watermelon Run 3D is a collecting running arcade game. In order to get to the finish line as a pineapple man, you must acquire watermelon bricks to get around obstacles. You can win extra coins if you collect more of them. Enjoy yourself and finish them all.

How to play Watermelon Run 3D

Juicy and tasty fruit is watermelon. You will go on an adventure with the cute watermelon man in this game. The watermelon guy must gather watermelons in order to strengthen himself so that he can withstand the perilous traps. Let's make it to the finish line while assisting the watermelon man to live! The mobile game is enjoyed by 93.84% of the 3943 players.

In order to win, players must carry watermelon bricks, navigate a waterway, build a bridge, and outperform their rivals. Numerous players are required for the game. Naturally, those who play alone in the game can still match their strategies. Generally speaking, the game's playing style is more enjoyable. A combination of items and weaponry are used in the game, and players must transport watermelon bricks, find a shortcut, and create a bridge to outpace their opponents.


  • As you complete additional game objectives, you'll be able to obtain more stylish and fashionable watermelon attire.
  • Players can use their full creative potential and constantly gather ski.
  • Different styles can be seen in each character. Make sure they are dressed appropriately.