Interstellar Run

Interstellar Run
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A space-themed infinite runner game is called Interstellar Run. Help the astronaut navigate a lengthy tube with rotating walls that is filled with dangers like laser beams and missing tiles. Avoid being shocked by the lasers. Continue moving forward while exploring this lovely space tunnel. Allow the music to lead you. Keep your hero from falling into the limitless blackness of space by traveling as far as you can.

How to play

In order to earn the greatest score in this run and jump game, you must dash through the tube with your astronaut and get as far as you can. The greatest unending runner in space. To avoid falling into the holes, move, rotate the platform, and leap. Avoid the beams and other dangerous objects while jumping over the spaces created by missing tiles. Try to collect hearts along the road to add more lives to your run.

The gray tiles will come off under your feet even if you briefly stand or leap on them. Large portions comprised of gray tiles should be avoided since if one gray tile falls, the others will follow. Move all the way to the left and then either sprint up against or jump onto one of the walls to spin the tunnel. When you hit a wall, the tunnel will automatically turn until the wall is at the bottom of the screen. You can then choose the safest path.

This game and the well-known game Run 3 are extremely similar.