Popcorn Race 3D

Popcorn Race 3D
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Popcorn Race 3D is ready to go! It's a fun and intriguing 3D racing game where you play as popcorn and experience the delight of turning corn into popcorn! Welcome to a full-on experience of a silly game that you'll enjoy for a long time. See what happens in this ridiculous race by simply crossing the platform!

How to play

In Popcorn Race 3D game, you take on the role of a naked ear of corn that wants to be adorned by crispy kernels. You must get over the barriers on the platform in order to gather the kernels and obtain the naked corn surrounded by them. Rotate the kernel with your mouse. The platform will include numerous clusters of kernels, and you can simply walk over them to gather them all. However, take care because there could occasionally be impediments that could cause fires to pop out all of your kernels.

The bare corn on the cob needs your assistance in gathering all the kernels, first. To keep as many kernels on you as you can till the platform ends, you must avoid each one. On your route, you'll pass by several devices that, if touched by corn, instantaneously transform it into popcorn! Diamonds are a currency that you may unlock skins and upgrade features like maize num, butter acce, and reward coins with after completing each level successfully. Let's see whether you can finish this race and utilize the corn from this season to its fullest!

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