Tallman Run

Tallman Run
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Tallman Run allows you to battle a huge boss by running on a platform elevated above the clouds and gaining size. Reach the finish line, complete the final course, and grab every diamond in your path by picking up boosters to make yourself higher and wider. Let's discover more about this intriguing race!

How to play

Grow the wide man; grow the towering guy. As much as you can, try to become tall and wide. Your height matters more than your speed in this race. Aside from milk and eight nights of sleep, have you ever tried walking through portals that increase your height? You advance in this area in this manner. To increase the size of your muscles, you must pass through the green portals while dodging explosives and traps and collecting size boosters. To prevent losing all of your muscles and height, use trampolines to jump over obstacles, sneak past red portals, and cross over adversaries to reach the score multiplier. Once there, you'll be evaluated and start gaining weight and becoming shorter with each stage. Even if you are unable to reach the boss, you can still complete the level. However, if you do, you can kill the boss by striking him in the face and then land on a delectable diamond bounty. Watch a brief advertisement to multiply your gems by five, and you can add to that last find!

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