Venom's Adventures

Venom's Adventures
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This adorable venom stars in Venom's Adventures, an interactive fiction game. To reach your destination, you must master the venom. Prepare to play a part in the evolution of this species. If you make it through this perilous voyage with our precious poison, you will become the next supernatural creature to possess incredible powers. Although, there will be many roadblocks in your path. Get your tools ready, for you'll be entering this shadowy realm in no time.

How to play

Find other routes and concealment to obtain diamonds. As the player, your goal in this thrilling adventure game is to guide Venom to the tube. There are numerous dangerous obstacles in your way, such as spikes, flames, and sharp blades, and you must jump high to dodge them. There are three playable game modes available to you. You should begin the journey in the traditional style so that you can adjust to its challenges. Your final score is determined by how quickly you finish each stage. Diamonds can be used to purchase access to more challenging game stages. If you want to unlock the challenging Hard mode, you'll need to gather the sparkling diamonds in the Classic mode. When playing in survival mode, you'll be surrounded by numerous hazards at once.

Key Feature

There are three different game modes: skill-based, exploratory, and secret-based.