Crazy Shooter

Crazy Shooter
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The time has come to add murder to the list of activities in Crazy Shooter. Defeat is not an option for you. Currently, you're performing at an extremely high level. This means you should arm yourself and start shooting them. Proceed until the danger has vanished. Is your team prepared to eliminate all enemy troops from the structure?

How to play

Shoot all of the soldiers to get them out of the building and finish the levels. Prior to beginning a level, players can personalize their appearance by selecting a weapon and a set of armor. At that point, we can begin playing. Open windows in the other building allow you to observe your enemies. Move away from the window's target and fire back at the attacker. You can repeatedly shoot your enemies by clicking on them. But be wary! The will also fire at you. The best way to avoid being hit by a bullet is to move. You can compete to be the last player standing by clicking on the other windows to switch to them. Up in the upper right corner of the display, you'll see a counter indicating how many foes are still standing. Good behavior earns you diamonds at the conclusion of each level. Put them toward better ammunition and new protective gear. Best of luck!

As if it weren't bad enough, new enemies start appearing. Put them in their place by playing Crazy Shooter right now!