Endless Siege

Endless Siege
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You won't be able to sleep tonight because of Endless Siege. The enemy has made it across the river and is now at your doorstep. Whatever it takes, you must protect what you own. Use your powerful units to wipe out the enemy once and for all by deploying them and upgrading them in response to the intensity of the incoming waves of attack. Let the naysayers come down on you like a ton of bricks if you're prepared to protect your kingdom.

How to play

This throne is yours and yours alone to govern over! There is nothing else in the animal kingdom that can take that type of authority away from you. Every day brings a new version of your kingdom's map. Every day, you'll face new obstacles thanks to the wide variety of maps available. It doesn't matter if you're playing on a sunny beach or atop a winter mountain. Your goal is to keep your territory safe at all costs. Challenge yourself with a new level of difficulty every day as you defend your kingdom from hordes of enemies. Don't allow the monsters off the map alive by strategically placing your power units. The units can be strengthened and expanded. Find out how many foes you can let through from the top of the screen. Assuming you manage to stay alive for an extended period of time, your final score will increase. Play a new map every day if you visit this page! Wishing you success and happiness.


Simply click or tap to set up your fortifications.