Vector Rush

Vector Rush
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Get ready to work those legs with Vector Rush. A devastating event turned the city into a lifeless ghost town. You must get out of the city before an earthquake levels it. How badly do you want to die, and become one of the ghosts, or do you want to do all it takes to survive?

How to play

One morning, it all began. In the west, a huge storm arrived and obliterated everything in its path. And you're one of the things that's preventing that from happening. Right now, you can only escape by running. Get ready to pull some incredible acrobatics, à la Tom Cruise, and leap out of the building's window. The only way to ensure your survival is to do so. Your goal is to make it to the level's finish line by doing whatever it takes to get there. The use of the mouse is required for all character manipulation.

Jump by holding down the left mouse button and swiping the cursor up when you see a space between buildings. You must descend the obstacle whenever you notice it. Numerous pits, spikes, and other hazards stand in your way. Also, the storm is after you, so you'll have to move quickly. The vector figure was, however, trapped inside one of the structures, and now he must find a way out. Stay in the now and take decisive action to survive. Gather all the coins and valuables to gain access to secret moves. Think you can make it through this crisis with just your reflexes? Success to you!

Key Feature

You can direct the action using your mouse. Use a spring, a slide, Mobile devices' on-screen controls can be manipulated by touching the screen.


Use the control stick to guide your vector character as he or she navigates dangerous rooftop barriers and a looming calamity in this exciting new game. Try to earn as many coins as possible so you may upgrade your game's capabilities as you progress through the levels.