Go Go Panda

Go Go Panda
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Collect coins and get the panda as far as possible in Go Go Panda game! Roll through caves and jump over dangerous traps as you try to make it through this intense survival game. Create a new record and try to beat it! Do you have what it takes to be there for this young panda and guide him through the challenges he faces? In order to progress through the game, you must gather all of the coins. I guess we should get started if you are.

How to play

This tiny panda hopes to go before the cold sets in. It's just that the routes he has to take are quite hazardous. It is only through your assistance that he will be able to make it through these perilous circumstances. That's why you need to exercise caution. In a computer game, you can jump with the up arrow and roll with the down arrow. When playing on a mobile device, you can make use of the touch controls. Sometimes, you'll have to make an even greater leap. If you want to double leap, just tap or push the up arrow twice. Try to amass as much coins as you can and unlock random achievements. Your overall progress may be viewed from the game's main menu. You may keep tabs on your progress in the game by tapping the screen. Have fun, you risk-taking little minx!


The left-click button causes a (double) jump when used with a touch screen or mouse. Right-click to perform a roll on the keyboard: As high as a double-hop It's time to go on the ground and do a roll.

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