Stack Rider

Stack Rider
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Stack Rider's brightly hued balls are just waiting to be played with. I like this light, informal game of obstacle-course racing. To win, you must collect all of the balls while maintaining your equilibrium, then go to the finish line. Will you succeed in making it to the end of the course without getting hurt? Best wishes, and enjoy yourselves!

How to play

You'll have to find a way to go around that obstacle or your game will be over. Now it's ball stacking time! You're going to handpick every single ball, not leaving anything to chance. All you need is a finger or a mouse and some time to play this game. Simply click and drag the mouse to control your character's movement. Alternately, you can use your finger to tap and swipe, depending on the device. If you're ready to get started, hit the play button and head straight for the tutorial. In this game, you'll face 24 increasingly difficult levels. The goal of this game is to reach the end zone with as many balls as possible. But there's something crucial you mustn't overlook! The game's difficulty lies in the challenges presented by the barriers you'll encounter. To reach the finish line, you must avoid dropping your balls while jumping over the walls and dodging the hazards. The game will give you a score once you've crossed the finish line. On the way, pick up some spare change. Let your hair down and enjoy yourself!

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