The Impossible Quiz

The Impossible Quiz
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In the classic brain teaser, The Impossible Quiz, you'll be stumped until your brain hurts from trying to figure out the answers. In order to answer them, you'll need to use your imagination and be open to double meanings and other forms of trickery and wordplay. Every time you make a mistake, one of your three lives will be deducted. There's a good chance that this is the same classic puzzle game from your youth. It's still around and it's just as puzzling as it was before.

How to play

This is a humorous and frustrating online game that will test your patience and your sense of humor. Your timed response should reflect how quickly you were able to complete the full quiz. You can figure this wacky puzzle out by yourself, or you may enlist the aid of your pals. There is just one correct response from the four options given.


Each mistake costs you one of your three lives. If every player dies, the game ends immediately. The questions don't have any pauses in between. You have 110 minutes to complete the test. Along the way, you'll see green arrows labeled Skip, which will let you bypass certain questions. To solve Question 110, the player must keep them all. Keep an eye out for any "bomb" queries. A bomb's timer might last from one to eleven seconds. Without a timely response from the player, the game is over.