Street Fighter 2

Street Fighter 2
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The fighting game Street Fighter 2 debuted in arcades in 1999. The battle between Ryu and Sagat is legendary, and the game is a classic fighter because of it. As Capcom's fourteenth arcade game for the CP System, it is the sequel to the first Street Fighter arcade game, which was published in 1987. Have fun!

How to play

You may expect pixel-art visuals and Mortal Kombat-esque sound effects. Make use of a wide variety of attacks to defend your hero. Be quick on your feet, use your jumping and dodging abilities, and knock out your opponents with punches and fire shells. Fighting games are characterized by their use of command-based special attacks and a six-button layout, and they typically provide players a choice between numerous playable characters, each of which has its own distinct fighting style. Due to its superior visuals, this arcade version of the game is the one to have. All ages may enjoy this game because of its simple controls and engaging action.


Using the WASD or Arrow Keys, you may move about and pressing Space Bar will initiate an attack.