Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers
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Subway Surfers is a standard in the genre of endless runners. As Jake, the surfer on the train, you must avoid the Inspector and his dog at all costs. To advance as far as possible in this endless runner, you'll need to escape trams, trains, and other hazards.

How to play

Subway Surfers's goal is obvious from the get-go. In this game, you'll be launched into the screen down a set of railroad tracks and tasked with avoiding the many trains, buffers, and trolleys that come your way. There are a number of cool things you can buy with coins in Subway Surfers, like hoverboards, paint-powered jetpacks, and coin magnets. As an added bonus, you may use coins to unlock additional characters and levels. Adding more keys to your trackpad allows you to offer your characters special skills.


  • Keyboard use is required.
  • Using the left and right arrow keys to navigate.
  • Inverted Upwards Pointing Up Drop Down (Arrow) Using the arrow keys and the scroll spacebar will bring up the hover panel.