Temple Quest

Temple Quest
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Get ready to explore a long-lost civilization and find its hidden treasures in Temple Quest! In an unending labyrinth of crumbling temples, you must flee for your life. The earth beneath your feet may appear to be unmoving ancient columns, but you need be very careful. Don't stop to pick up anything you can on your way out, but do run for your lives!

How to play

Every explorer ventures into the unknown in search of treasure because they know it's there, whether in the form of coins, stones, or some other relic. The traps and other hazards will test your agility. If you want to complete the level, you'll have to keep running as far as you can. This is not your everyday run! This game will put you through a lot of grueling trials, like avoiding traps and overcoming hurdles. The arrow keys can be used to navigate around them. It is possible to jump over obstacles by pressing the up arrow key and to slide under them by pressing the down arrow key. There are pennies strewn about the path you're taking. Attempt to amass a large quantity of them. You can keep track of your progress by looking at the distance and coin count in the top right corner of the screen. Your estimated running distance.


Not stealing the priceless relic was a bad idea! You're on the run from ancient temple ruins, and time is not on your side. Gain an advantage by amassing gold statues, antique coins, and other relics. Conquer a wide variety of challenges, level up your aids, and complete tasks to increase your score multiplier. To progress farther, you can try on a variety of clothes, each of which has a unique set of powers. As far as I know, you can't get much further.

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