Run Panda Run

Run Panda Run
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A typical runner game, Run Panda Run is very charming. You can make the panda jump for coins by tapping the screen. Wrap up warm since we're headed to a chilly destination. Snow blankets the landscape, and ice may be found just about wherever. This obstacle is no match for the game's feisty protagonist, so take control of him and see how far you can get!

How to play

The panda should be informed that his kind is under peril. Thank goodness he has you. The goal of this game is to see how far you can get by dodging and swerving around numerous obstacles. However, despite the difficulty of navigating icy terrain, the game's controls are intuitive. To begin, select "Play" from the game's main menu. Automatically, your character will begin to run. Simply timing your clicks on the screen correctly and you'll be able to easily navigate over various obstacles. The road ahead will be paved with obstacles. Try not to crash into any penguins, and don't even think about utilizing any bridges. Look at those shiny coins! As many of them as you can must be collected. They're worth bonus points. Your total score is displayed at the top of the screen. Running and accumulating coins boosts your score. If you were to run in this cold climate, how long do you think you would last?

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