Super Droid Adventure

Super Droid Adventure
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If you're a fan of the original Mario game, you'll love Super Droid Adventure, an arcade platformer with a droid protagonist. In order to face a formidable boss who has demolished your castle and is trying to take over all of your territories, you'll have to team up with a little robot. Build a route for yourself by destroying blocks and collecting gold rings while fending off tortoise-shaped robots. Strive to get to the bad guy who destroyed your fortress.

How to play

To rebuild his palace, the tiny robot needs your aid in the arcade game Super Droid Adventure. Traps and opponents of varying risk levels will be scattered around your path in an effort to thwart your progress. In this game, you must break blocks to gain access to new areas and discover hidden treasures such as cash and powerful upgrades. You may earn points and coins by destroying blocks and bricks, and you can even find coins lying around the world. You must avoid being eaten by monsters that emerge from the tube, as well as birds and other robots. Make your life easy by employing firepower, and good luck with that!


  • Fun, retro arcade concept with vibrant visuals.
  • Easily understandable mechanisms for control.
  • Laugh-out-loud cartoonish figure designs.
  • There are 15 exciting levels to complete.
  • It's mobile-friendly

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How to play:

  • A or left arrow key = move left 
  • D or right arrow key = move right 
  • W or Z or up arrow key = jump 
  • X or J = shoot