Noob vs Pro Stick War

Noob vs Pro Stick War
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Battle strategies in the Minecraft universe: Noob vs Pro Stick War. The object of the game is to demolish your opponent's statue while defending your own city's landmarks. In this game of assault and defense, you must do all in your power to keep the enemy from destroying your city and destroying your troops and sculptures. But first, you must gather the materials necessary to construct your stickman army by mining.

How to play

In order to defeat your opponents and safeguard your city in this tactical RPG, you'll need to put in a lot of hard work and acquire everything you'll need on your own. The objective is to keep your statue safe while destroying the opposing team's. Use the gem-collecting miners to raise an army and construct the necessary system to keep the statues in your city safe. The troops will defend you and battle your opponents, while the miners will gather crystals. There are additional miners and warriors that may be unlocked as time goes on and more gems are mined. Complete the stages and advance through the map's many communities to claim victory.


Among its many appealing characteristics are its vintage-styled color visuals, its several stages spread throughout the landscape, its simple yet engaging controls, and the ability to level up your camp's talents.

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How to play:

Tap or click to buy noob-workers to get minerals and noob-warriors to fight. Destroy your opponent's statue!