Basketball Challenge

Basketball Challenge
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The game of Basketball Challenge will test your mental toughness. One can play basketball without having to rely on their team or engage in a fierce contest. Get as many points as you can. It's as simple as mastering the ball and the hoop if you want to win this game.

How to play

There are two primary game modes available. When you have three consecutive misses in Endless mode, the game will finish. In the levels mode, you'll face a series of challenges that will increase in difficulty as you go. To progress, you should waste no time missing easy shots. You may be given a certain number of attempts to successfully slam the ball into the hoop, a set amount of time in which to do so, or the requirement that you go an allotted amount of time without touching the hoop before you are allowed another try. If you fail to toss the ball in three times during endless mode, the game will continue indefinitely until you do. Slang for "enjoy yourself"


• Vibrant, two-dimensional visuals

• A choice between two game modes

• Progressively more challenging levels

• Tests of skill

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How to play:

Swipe to throw the ball