Snowball Destroyer

Snowball Destroyer
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Snowball Destroyer is a great holiday activity for those who enjoy hurling snowballs. In the game Snowball Destroyer, you'll help Santa Claus construct the world's biggest snowball on a lovely snowy Christmas day and then help him push it as far as possible by smashing many obstacles.

How to play

During gameplay, you take on the role of a well-dressed man dressed as Santa Claus who hurls snowballs at a fictional winter village. It will go the farthest if you toss it with all your might. To clear a route through the snow, simply keep rolling over it until you're big enough to do it. You'll need to perfectly gauge the force of your throw in order to send the ball careening across the screen. Once a snowball hits the ground, you can begin to direct its movement. You may gain money by destroying objects of a certain hue, which you can then use to pay for improvements. Change directions, make your snowball bigger, and steer clear of the ground and hazards!


  • Digital imagery with vivid hues
  • Possible unlocks include better features.
  • Modular Maps with Adaptive Themes
  • Compulsive game play
  • a warm and fuzzy holiday vibe
  • Freely accessible via mobile devices

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How to play:

How To Play Snowball Destroyer