Santa Claus Jumping

Santa Claus Jumping
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This holiday season, have some fun with your friends by playing the action game Santa Claus Jumping! Santa Claus accidentally spilled all of his presents and is now scrambling to gather them up so he can get back to work as quickly as possible. However, the elves and reindeer are up to no good and are obstructing your ability to carry out your annual responsibilities. Do you plan on staying until the very end?

How to play

The player must avoid reindeer, spikes, shifting platforms, and other hazards on their quest to gather all of the presents. Santa may walk across the top of the game by hopping up against the wall. It's up to you to speed up Santa's collection and delivery of the gifts. Santa must be watched carefully should he fall from the roof and the presents not be delivered. Avoid falling from ledges and land safely and precisely as you jump over obstacles. Just hop around and score some points. Here's hoping you have the best of luck!

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How to play:

How To Play Santa Claus Jumping