Christmas Imposter Run

Christmas Imposter Run
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Christmas Imposter Run is an interesting virtual race for presents. Here you get the chance to race as a well-known video game character. You must avoid taking too many hits while trying to collect as many presents as possible. Do you believe you'll be able to receive a lot of presents this year?

How to play

In this game, your goal is to amass a large number of gifts. But remember that everyone is rushing, and that there are many different challenges to overcome. Elves can be collected with gift boxes. If you collect enough of these holiday figurines, you'll be protected from harm. When your life count reaches 0, the game will finish. You have three lives to begin with, and if you reach zero and run into something, game over. Don't let your guard down, pay attention, and get all the freebies along the way! Enjoy yourselves while you're out there.


Press W to double jump, and S to slide under obstacles. Use the A and D keys to toggle your course.

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How to play:

How To Play Christmas Imposter Run