Sector 781

Sector 781
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The mysteries of Sector 781 await your exploration. You'll need all the bravery you can muster, for there are plenty of threats and foes out to get you. Are you ready to face the terrible things that live in this dark and scary dungeon?

How to play

How strange and unsettling to wake up here. The pixel art Metroidvania game Sector 781 features three worlds for you to explore and defeat enemies in. There are three zones to conquer, and numerous individual rooms make up each zone. Improve your stats and weaponry, and stock up on energy by gathering shards. Each one must be investigated, and anything that stands in your way must be annihilated. Don't get caught in any traps and pick up those energy shards. Some of the challenges can be surmounted with the help of power-ups you collect along the route. These enhancements could take the form of double-jumping capability, bombs, or brand-new weapons. To keep your progress from being lost, look for checkpoints and use the teleports to get to other areas. Finally, I wish you the best of luck!

Key Features

There are three distinct stages, and each has 25 screens. Every level contains a boss and six additional foes. There are 6 boosts to choose from.


Touch-screen operation for mobile devices Typically, a keyboard or a gaming controller is used on a desktop. cursor movement-arrow keys Quickly press X to jump, C to fire, M to map, and S to pause.

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