FPS Assault Shooter

FPS Assault Shooter
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In FPS Assault Shooter, you'll be tasked with carrying out precise commands and eliminating terrorists in order to reclaim control of specific areas. Take on the armed bad guys, eliminate them to accomplish missions and earn cash! Strengthen your arsenal so that you can take on criminal groups with confidence. Play through the main story to access and explore all of the game's maps.

How to play

Your country could use all the muscle you can muster right now. Terrorists have mines to be cleared, bombs to be diffused, and suicide bombers to be killed. Destroy anything you find in terrorist bases and put an end to their underground networks. Choose an assault weapon, fight off enemies, and level up your arsenal in this traditional take on the shooter genre. The game store sells grenades and sniper guns. After completing two chapters' worth of levels, you'll gain access to a third mode with virtually infinite levels. You must avoid getting shot while you track down the bad guys without being caught if you want to defend your country.


To navigate, use WASD or the arrow keys. To fire, press the left mouse button. Aim with the right mouse button. I'd give it a G for grenade launch. The letter H represents protection.

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