Penalty Champs 22

Penalty Champs 22
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With Penalty Champs 22, you may take part in yet another penalty shootout tournament. Pick a country, take and defend penalty shots and win the cup. The championship can be played with or without a preliminary round of group play. After choosing their desired speed and height for their shot, players then leap for the ball. Enjoy!

How to play

Our four-game football competition will be decided by penalty kicks, and you're cordially invited to participate. This is the deciding shot. Come with me as I stand in line for the squad you want to join. Choices from 32 national teams are available. Proceed to the field for pregame exercises. A typical shoot consists of three stages.Reaction time is crucial in goalkeeping. Three separate clicks are required when firing: the first to pick the target, the second to adjust the shot's height, and the third to adjust the bullets' force. Going toward the net is an uphill battle. If you want to win the World Cup, you'll need to beat more difficult teams and become a penalty shootout pro.


  • Illustrations in 2D with lots of color
  • Quickening reflexes with easy-to-use controls and somewhat difficult gameplay
  • Choose your team and country of origin!
  • Portable and obtainable

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How to play:

How To Play Penalty Champs 22

Use Mouse

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