Car Eats Car: Arctic Adventure

Car Eats Car: Arctic Adventure
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You'll be behind the wheel in Car Eats Car: Arctic Adventure, a racing game where you'll have to outwit and outgun your opponents to come out on top. You will be tasked with piloting gigantic vehicles around a dangerous Arctic Circle track littered with deadly traps and an endless horde of enemies. Get the better of your opponents, bolster your monster automobile, and design your own vehicle in the garage.

How to play

To complete Car Eats Car: Arctic Adventure, players must pilot monster automobiles over a treacherous Arctic course littered with deadly traps and a limitless number of enemies. While firing missiles and taking out adversaries, your main goal will be to amass a large quantity of red jewels and reach the finish line alive. You may make your automobile speed up as it rushes forward by pressing the appropriate buttons. You'll need to stay focused and keep going through all of these perils. Locate the exit by gathering jewels. Change and improve your automobile. You may improve your chances of making it to the finish line by beefing up your tank's size, firepower, engine strength, shields, and defensive weaponry.

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How to play:

How To Play Car Eats Car: Arctic Adventure

  • W / up arrow key - accelerate
  • S / down arrow key - reverse
  • A /left arrow key - lean back
  • D / right arrow key - lean forward
  • Space - bombs
  • Z / X - turbo
  • Left-click - press the menu button