Bridge Water Rush

Bridge Water Rush
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We'd like to invite you to a fun competition in the brand new online game Bridge Water Rush. Your character and his opponents will swim around the ring on a watery screen that appears in front of you. Take the planks and construct the steps to the top first, or sabotage your rivals to switch roles! To go forward, you should do a Bridge Water Rush.

How to play

At the given signal, you'll need to speed up your hero's swimming until he reaches the destination. Drag bridge components of the same color as your stickman from the water and drop them into position with the mouse. The races get harder and more numerous as you go through the levels. You'll be able to help your character construct a staircase by raising tiles. In order to complete it, he will need to cross the finish line. In the game Bridge Water Rush, you win if your hero is the first to cross the bridge to the other side. Turn on the speed booster, and you'll fly past your rivals in no time.


  • Suitably vivacious, summertime atmosphere
  • Comical illustration design
  • Easy-to-use controls with difficult competition
  • Full-bodied, three-dimensional visuals

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