Ninja Up!

Ninja Up!
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Draw a rope for the ninja to jump on in Ninja Up, an endless arcade game. In this fun jumping game, you'll be assisting the little ninja as he uses the rope to make his way around the playing area. In this challenging retro arcade-style adventure game, it's up to you to save our tiny ninja from the depths of the pixel universe. Maximize your vertical leap for maximum points.

How to play

This is a classic arcade action game with a single, unending level. Mini trampolines are what you're tasked with drawing. To make the character's skyward leaps possible, you'll need to draw these trampolines directly under him. If you want to get a good score, you need to avoid the hazards up above and jump as high as you can. The character can be drawn to barely touch the line for a low jump, or the line can be drawn above the character for a high, swift throw. Take in the retro vibes and pixelated visuals of this video game as you see how high you can get.


Classic, 2D animation
Repeatedly showing only the highest possible Level 3 score
Simple controls for game play

How to play:

Touch the screen to draw the jumping line to help your little ninja fly up.