Devil Cry

Devil Cry
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In Devil Cry, you can fight on islands in the sky. Pick a gorgeous and powerful fighter, level up your attacks and your skills, and collect powerful weapons so you can defeat the game's amazing bosses. A swordsman traveled to a different realm and battled creatures to track down his companions. Attempt your luck at the prize draw between fights and get the benefits!

How to play

In this fantastical world, you'll find stunning warriors, amazing weapons, and formidable foes. To begin your adventure, just follow the prompts and begin talking to people. One primary attack, four secondary attacks, and a dodge ability are at your disposal. Your assaults have the potential to temporarily disable weaker foes, but you're better off hitting them once or twice and then dodging their subsequent attacks. Prepare to battle enormous demons, chibi bats, skeleton archers, and hellhounds with three heads. Stay away from the red areas where your enemy has marked their assaults and instead sneak up behind them for a killing blow. Pick and choose passive skills to improve between levels, and make deals with the devil to increase your strength.


  • Full-bodied, three-dimensional visuals
  • Artwork of a cute character
  • Excellent antagonists and superiors
  • Weapon and skill upgrades
  • Fantastic tales

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How to play:

AWDS control direction, Keyboard or Mouse control battle