Zrist DX

Zrist DX
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In Zrist DX, a running platformer, your mission is to avoid colliding with any fiery obstacles. Enter a world of unlimited black and white adventure! There are more than 70 challenging stages to play through in this game that will put your reflexes to the test. Test out every mode, set new high scores, and get square skins! Do you think you have what it takes to win?

How to play

The pixel puzzles in Zrist DX will help you develop your capacity to quickly adjust to new situations. With each new round of this challenge comes a whole new set of restrictions, turning the game into a never-ending contest of resource management and creativity. The rules of the road change every ten seconds, so open your eyes and ears and we'll go! Players can use their credits to customize their avatars with different outfits and backgrounds. Maintain a regimen of mode discovery, practice, and record breaking, and you will notice your performance on this reflex test steadily improving.


  • Mobile:  To make a jump, touch the right side of the screen. Slide by touching the screen to the left.
  • Desktop: Jump with an X or the left mouse button. Select the slide with the right mouse click (Control-C)

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How to play:

How to play Zrist DX