Mahjong 3D

Mahjong 3D
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Timed challenges are just one of the features of Mahjong 3D, a 3D mahjong game. Clear the board of blocks by clicking on pairs of identical ones, and do it as quickly as you can!

How to play

In many respects, this 3D mahjong game is very similar to classic mahjong solitaire, with the exception that the tiles are placed in a non-standard mahjong style and in the third dimension. The popular puzzle game is given a new dimension in Mahjong 3D. Match the gorgeous tiles and enjoy a fresh take on one of the most popular puzzles around.

The matching cube of tiles can be moved around at will. Free left or right sides are required to make a match in mahjong.


Two identical symbols on separate tiles must be matched. If there is no other tile to the tile's left or right, then it can be matched. If they are blocked, you can remove the obstruction by positioning adjacent tiles that are a match. You'll gain a little more time at the end of the game for every level you complete. So, why wait any longer? Try out the best looking 3D Mahjong game right now!

Progress to harder challenges

When you've solved the first cube, you'll move on to a more difficult one. This procedure is repeated until no more time is available. The game ends with a high score for you to beat the following time around.