Blob Runner 3D

Blob Runner 3D
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You are Blob Runner 3D's last chance to save this vibrant blob! It's searching for a way out of this never-ending maze. There are so many barriers along the way that getting to the finish line feels almost impossible. What if it becomes trapped in this location and is unable to gather all the marks? It's not even a choice! Let's press the play button now that you're here to assist this bubbly blob!

How to play

Prepare to embark on an incredible 3D running journey! A huge blob that has the ability to condense to a microscopic size is now under your control. Since this game is one of the most played parkour games of the year, you may play it completely for free online at our platform! Reaching the finish line while dodging obstacles and gathering slimes is your goal. You may embark on thrilling adventures with slimes thanks to the game's addicting play and 3D aesthetic.

It won't be that simple, though! Your blob may get so little as to vanish if you run against any of these boundaries. Swiping or dragging your finger allows you to control the character. If you fail, you can wait a little while before regaining energy. To add to the fun of the game and unlock new skin for your character, try to collect all the gems along the road. Click the play button to begin the game if you are prepared for the surge that is coming up right away.

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