Jumper Starman

Jumper Starman
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Jumper Starman combines pixel art with traditional platform game mechanics. Prepare to explore a wide variety of planets and eras in this fantastic RPG. To get to the top, you'll need to collect stars as you bounce from platform to platform. You can travel to fantastical new worlds by following these stars. Would you like to take off on this adventure and soar through the clouds with me?

How to play

The goal of this exciting adventure game set in space is to get onboard your spaceship from the very beginning. Your best chance of survival and getting back to Earth now lies in getting back to your spaceship as quickly as you can. However, there are perilous roadblocks that may make it impossible for you to succeed. Step one is to choose the game's difficulty. After that, use the keyboard to direct your in-game avatar. In order to move about and make big air jumps, use the arrow keys (or WASD). To float, tap the Space Bar, and to pause, press the Enter key. After the first stage, beating the clock becomes an additional obstacle. It would be to your advantage to gather as many stars as possible along the journey. You've finally arrived as the Jumper Starman.

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