Baby Hazel Adventure Book

Baby Hazel Adventure Book
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Baby Hazel Adventure Book will take you on an exciting new journey. This young child just won't quit! There must always be some form of adventure in her life, and now is your chance to join in on the fun. She and her mom are going to roast a turkey for Thanksgiving. Is there any way you could assist her in getting ready? Yes? Then press the play button and get the ball rolling!

How to play

In this exciting children's game, Baby Hazel has prepared a massive adventure book just for you! Your assistance is needed as she prepares for an evening meal with her grandparents. We begin by gathering the crops and getting the ingredients ready. You may rely on the directional arrows to lead you through the entire procedure. Waiting around on this little kid is something you should avoid at all costs. A mouse click on the appropriate item will allow her to use it. It has 4 levels of complexity. The meal will be ready soon, so help her get ready for the evening. Her grandparents only show up at the very end, during the meal. Congratulations, you've done a fantastic job! Excellent work!


When playing the game on a desktop/laptop computer, you'll use the mouse to click and drag various elements about the screen. Control your mobile device with a touch of your finger.