Red and Green Christmas

Red and Green Christmas
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In Red and Green Christmas, you can embark on an adventure with some very familiar and quite cute characters. A series of stages require you to accompany two cute red and green characters and guide them to victory. Are you able to keep them going and lead them to victory?

How to play

You've got the Red and Green game characters in full-on Christmas mode for the series finale. These two little guys are all decked out for the holiday season and ready to take on the world. They are so adorable that it's hard to resist giving them a hand. There will be hazards along the road, like adversaries to avoid and lava or gaps to jump through. Unlike previous years' installments, this one features a portal from which the player must leap in order to rescue a friend, go to a new location, and ultimately complete the game. The green character is controlled by the arrow keys, while the red one is manipulated by the WASD keys. Be cautious as you play and shield your two protagonists from the dangers of the road. If any member of the duo is hurt, the game must be restarted. Gather as many hearts as you can along the path, and don't forget to use the portals to get to the other side of the roadways. Take it easy and see if you can make it the full way with these two adorable companions.

Key Feature

Do you want to play the final and most important installment of the red and green game series? The New Year's Special is different from the rest of the series in that it features a portal that must be used in order to progress through the levels, rescue a friend, unlock a door, and ultimately complete the segment.

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