Traffic Run Online

Traffic Run Online
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The driving experience you get in Traffic Run Online will be unlike any other. In this game, you won't be competing against others, but rather trying to reach your goal while navigating heavy traffic. Do you feel prepared to welcome the rush hour?

How to play

The aim of each level is to drive your vehicle to the end without smashing into any of the other vehicles. Although real-life driving demands focus and concentration, and may even be a little bit tough at times, the game's controls are surprisingly intuitive. Select "Play" from the game's main menu to begin. To drive your car, click and hold anywhere on the screen. Compete in a variety of car shows. Put your skills at navigating junctions to the test. While it may be tempting to break the speed limit, doing so can be dangerous due to the presence of oncoming traffic and other road hazards. To stop, just let go of the left mouse button. Failure to avoid a crash will result in the level having to be restarted. Gather up all the coins you can. These are needed to purchase dozens of various cars from the game's store. Just enjoy yourself!


To Drive the Car, Click and Hold the Mouse Press the Up Arrow Key on Your Mouse to Halt the Vehicle

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