Hurdles Heroes

Hurdles Heroes
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In Hurdles Heroes, win the world championship! On each of the seven continents of the world, the most significant race is being held. You have worked hard for this day and you must win to honor your nation. Stretch yourself right now and impress everyone!

How to play

To become a world champion, you must work hard and have perseverance. You must be prepared to practice for hours, especially if you're competing in a hurdle race world championship. For the Hurdles competition, you will compete in races around the globe. It is difficult to run quickly, maintain your balance while jumping over the obstacles, and finish first. However, in this game, you only have control over your jumps. Compete over a total of 7 continents, and the competitor who wins every one of them is declared the tournament victor. Increase your speed by suddenly jumping the obstacles! The racer of your choice will represent the nation of your choice. When you are near the obstacle, simply use the W key, the higher arrow key, or the space bar to jump. Use the signals that indicate where to jump to your benefit. You have two options: either miss the jump, which will slow you down, or make a good or flawless jump. Both single-player and two-player competitions are available. The races can start now! To witness all of the races on all seven continents, simply arrange your jump appropriately and win each level!

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