EG Cowboy Run

EG Cowboy Run
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Super Cowboy Run is an engaging and visually stunning platformer in which the player must dispatch enemies, gather resources, and advance as far as possible by killing them and collecting cash. Ecaps Games offers a wide variety of games suitable for players of all ages. Enjoy no-cost virtual gaming And remember: enjoy yourself!

How to play

Put on your best pair of cowboy boots, grab your lasso and rifle, and let out a hearty "yee haw" in EG Cowboy Run. Expect the unexpected in the wild west! Gain command of this sheriff and prove to the criminals that they are not welcome in your territory. Dress the part and wear the cap and badge. The time to act as a responsible adult has come. You're still in the world, and that means there's hope for this country.


Use the Right/Left Arrow Keys, Mouse, or Touch Screen