Lab Escape Online

Lab Escape Online
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In Lab Escape Online, you'll embark on a thrilling quest to find a way out of the lab. There was a huge explosion to kick things off, and now all the bacteria and viruses have escaped their test containers. Yet you pose the greatest threat of all! Have some now to give your strength a boost. They may try to kill or stop you, but you must prove once and for all who is the lab's top dog. Let the pursuit begin if you are.

How to play

You have entered an experimental facility where impossible dreams can be realized. It was simply an experiment once. Getting to this point was unexpected, so we'll break it down for you. As a result of an unfortunate incident, the microbes and other species were released from their laboratory confinement tubes. But on a normal day, an accident occurs that resulted in the release of a small, hungry, and peculiar being from the facilities, putting all investigations in jeopardy. While on the hunt for these germs, you'll be holding the left click to ascend and releasing it to descend. If you want super strength, you need to eat them. However, some of them have weapons and are prepared to kill you out of fear. Just avoid them if you can. The more cash you have, the faster you can buy upgrades that will help you in your hunting. Your health meter, which fills up when you consume foes, is displayed at the top of the screen. Take a deep breath and show no compassion!

Key Features

To navigate, you can either click and drag the mouse or tap and swipe on a mobile device.


The goal of the game is to assume control of the mentally unbalanced small monster that broke out of the odd laboratory and is now on a mission to consume everything in sight, level up its equipment, and eliminate any threats it encounters. As you progress through the game, you'll find several headgear that you may use to customize your character.

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