Fatty Ninja

Fatty Ninja
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Fun and addictive 2D game with adorable visuals is called Fatty Ninja. Jump by tapping the left or W/UP arrow. Prepare for a beautiful run in Fatty Ninja! It's crucial for these enigmatic warriors to have a good view point, so head to the rooftops. How far do you think you can advance your character with so many enemies in your way?

How to play

Not all ninja battles take place in the shadows. They occasionally have to appear in open view to strike dread into the minds of their adversaries. In this game, your goal is to assume control of a skilled ninja and assist him in making the longest run possible. Only after enduring rigorous training is one allowed to call themselves a ninja. However, playing this game does not require you to be an expert in martial arts. The controls are really simple, and anyone can score! Your character will begin moving independently as soon as the game begins. Avoiding various roadblocks is all that is required. Attack with a right tap or the S/Down arrow. Save the infants and defeat the adversaries. Overpass civilians and openings by jumping. Take care around the goons. These thugs will attempt to assault you, but you should kill them before they can hurt you. The quantity of opponents you vanquish determines your score. From the top of the screen, verify your point.

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