Gun Guys

Gun Guys
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Let your firearms have their say in Gun Guys! In this place, you are on your own to face an infinite horde of foes. Make use of your weapon, your intelligence, and your reasoning to triumph over them all. Kill many foes with a single shot to earn the maximum prize and unlock additional challenging challenges. So, keep a firm grip on your weapons, and clear the path before you!

How to play

In Gun Guys game, your primary objective is to eliminate any opponents that stand in your path. There will be a number of chapters that will follow, each of which will introduce you to a new and unique environment. You will play a total of twenty levels in each of these chapters. Even though your primary objective is to murder your foes, you'll need to be able to solve some simple problems in order to get good aim and hit your targets. You have a limited number of bullets for each level, so it is important that you remove all of your opponents using strategic movements. The more you progress, the more difficult the next brainteaser will be. There will be a ton of new obstacles appearing very soon. The challenge is on to see how far you can go in this game with success!

Key features

ULTIMATE WARRIORS Rembo, the ninja, and the other experienced heroes are geared up and ready to take down the villains. Unlock each individual member of the Gun Guys gang! DEADLY WEAPONS Use your brain, and don't bring the same weapon to every fight; you'll need various ones. Fire bullets and explosives that ricochet, bounce, or travel in a direct path. Don't forget to gather all of the cool weapon skins so you can create even more beautiful combos!


Use your brain! Defeat your foes with cunning and strategy, save the world, and earn the title of a genuine hero. Get ready for some of the most demanding quests you've ever encountered!

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How to play:

How To Play Gun Guys