Bazooka Boy Online

Bazooka Boy Online
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When you play Bazooka Boy Online, it's time to give your bazooka a voice! You must race through the stages and decimate everything in your path using an assortment of powerful weaponry. Your mission at this point is to pick off each of them one at a time using your weapon.

How to play

This is a first-person shooter-style action game. However, you shouldn't discount the importance of developing sound methods if you want to be successful in solving the mystery of how to target your foes on each level. There are a total of 24 stages, and throughout each one, the adversaries you face will be located in a new area. Your objective is to eliminate all of the foes in a level using the bullets you have been supplied. If you run out of ammunition while there is at least one adversary still alive, the level will be considered a failure. Make a left click, then move your cursor to aim, and when you're ready, let go of the left click to fire. Take on the ragdoll monsters and insane explosions while progressing through levels upon levels of fantastic material and challenges. Defeat all of the foes to claim victory.

Key features

Awesome explosive effects and challenging physics combine to make each level a one-of-a-kind action challenge. Are you able to solve all of them without making a mistake that would kill you?


Aim and fire by clicking the right button on your mouse while playing. When using mobile devices and tablets, touching the screen allows users to aim and fire.

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