Fiveheads Soccer

Fiveheads Soccer
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If you're looking for a thrilling football game, go no further than Fiveheads Soccer. Pick your favorite renowned team and take them to the pitch to see who can rack up the most points this World Cup season. Okay, let's get this game going right now!

How to play

The game's World Cup season is exciting, and it's sure to capture fans from all around the world. They both lack depth, the levels and the characters. Both left and right are your only options. The ball must either go above the other player's head or beneath their feet.

Select your major soccer powerhouse nation and demonstrate your superior skills. There will be 64 individuals and 32 foreign teams waiting for you. You have the option of playing either 1v1 or 2v2. In order to prevent your opponent from scoring and to score a winning goal into their goal, feel free to jump and shoot.

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How to play:

How To Play Fiveheads Soccer

  • Move: AD or left and right arrows
  • Jump: W or up arrow
  • Shoot: spacebar

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