Dark Ninja

Dark Ninja
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In Dark Ninja, you get to play the role of a skilled ninja and use your incredible abilities to inflict devastation on your adversaries. This character has access to a wide variety of weapons and equipment; will you able to guide him to victory over his opponents?

How to play

In order to achieve a good score in this game, it will be necessary for you to eliminate as many red ninjas as possible and amass as many coins as you can. You can utilize the keyboard if you have one if you want to play the game. The town you begin in is already overrun with foes as the game begins. Caution is urged! You are going to be attacked by red ninjas. Run jump Make use of the parachute to achieve invisibility. Slide down the floor, execute a dash, shoot shurikens, and use special attacks to take out your foes and get through the village as quickly as you can. Watch out that you don't get caught in their strikes! You will suffer health damage whenever you are struck. The indicator indicating your current health is located in the top left corner of the screen. You should try to gather as many ninja coins as possible to rack up points, and you should also gather as many energy potions as you can to fill up your bar. If your character's health is getting low, you can restore some of it with red potions that you have collected. Special attacks provide you the ability to take out multiple foes at once.

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