Among them Hide N Seek 2

Among them Hide N Seek 2
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The classic game of hide-and-seek is back, and this time it's set in a completely new environment in Among Them Hide N Seek 2, available now on our online games platform! Select a team and adopt a broad field of view to help you progress through the games. Featuring entertaining mini-levels and adorable character skins, this adventure will have you jumping for joy. Are you prepared to start?

How to play

In this exciting 3D game, you'll be pitted against either hiders or seekers. You can hide behind the baffles in this maze. Of course, we don't anticipate you'll be able to keep up with them all the way through the last whistle. If you'd like to switch teams for the following round, you can. Get as many movable diamonds as you can while avoiding the catchers. In the event that you choose to conceal, you should quickly flee the torch-wielding bad men. In this game, if you are exposed by the light, you lose. Seekers should focus their efforts on tracking down the mysterious men who prefer to remain in the shadows. Their footprints in the dust will reveal their route. In order to access new skins and have more fun in the game, you need to collect the purple gems. Have a wonderful time, and may you win big!

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