Adam and Eve 6

Adam and Eve 6
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In Adam and Eve 6, love presents itself as an opportunity, and everyone's favorite daring caveman is eager to take advantage of it. Even though he is courageous, resourceful, and tenacious, he still needs your assistance to triumph over the obstacles that stand between him and the love of his life. Are you going to be able to guide him through each of the different levels?

How to play

Your mission in this, the sixth game in the series, is one that is not only straightforward but also enjoyable and straightforward to do. You play the role of Adam, and your job is to guide him through each level by resolving a variety of riddles. Along the route, you will come across a wide variety of personalities, some of them are kind while others could be harmful. The usage of the mouse is required to participate in the game. When you first begin, you should click on the various things that you see on the screen to see whether or not they will produce a reaction. It is necessary to click on the various components of the game in a predetermined sequence in order to solve the riddles. As soon as this is finished, the path will be free of any obstructions, and Adam will be able to proceed through the exit gate and onto the subsequent level. Enjoy!


You can interact with the things on the scenes by using either your mouse or your finger.

Adam is sure to be thankful for your assistance after yet another exciting journey; yet, for the time being, let's just leave him to his own devices. In the meantime, why don't you look through our selection of free games of exploration and adventure? Enjoy your time spent playing!