Among Rampage

Among Rampage
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The fantastic and terrifyingly enjoyable spacecraft adventure Among Rampage is set in. You were assured a thrilling adventure in space, where you'd get to witness firsthand the wonders of the cosmos. How long do you think you have left aboard this spaceship filled with obstacles straight out of your worst nightmares?

How to play

If everyone on the spaceship wasn't already dead, these traps, which use everything from rockets to lasers, would be enough to do it. You're the last one standing, and the imposter doesn't approve. The more coins you collect and the closer you get to the objective, the more avatars you can unlock, which in turn increases your chances of survival. A deadly maze of traps has been set up by the impostor to force you to mingle with the other passengers. The objective is to outwit the intelligent beast and hold out as long as possible. If you come across any lasers that can rip you to pieces or any rockets that can erase all traces of your existence, use the miniature rockets you have discovered to get into the air quickly. As you flee from the impostor, you should attempt to grab as much of his gold as possible so you may buy new outfits. I wish you the best of luck.


  • Levels are never-ending.
  • Exciting and rewarding play Unlockable cosmetics.
  • Very good 2D visuals.

How to play:

How to play Among Rampage