The Impossible Quiz 2

The Impossible Quiz 2
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In Impossible Quiz 2, the sequel to the hardest trivia game on the internet. The second exam was far more demanding than the first, establishing this game's standing as the industry benchmark for difficulty. There are a lot of hard questions in the second half of The Impossible Quiz. Will you please begin? Enjoin!

How to play

The Impossible Quiz 2, a follow-up to the critically acclaimed original, with even wackier questions and more hilarious and difficult minigames. In this game are new and repeating questions, upgraded graphics, a special ability, nightmare-inducing settings, and the same high level of crazy as the first exam. A terrific approach to put your intellect to the test, this game gives you with hard yet amusing and innovative problems. You can try again up to three times, so it's in your best interest to retain as much information as possible. The right answer isn't as apparent as it might seem at first, so you'll need to get creative to find it.

How to play:

You'll need a mouse and keyboard to play this game.