Pet Trainer Duel

Pet Trainer Duel
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Pet Trainer Duel is a 3D arcade game in which overweight cats compete in a grueling obstacle course. To help your fluffy friends get in shape, please get moving toward the goal and drop some pounds to beat out the competition. Customers who needed a professional Pet Trainer found you. Come with me as I investigate this intriguing profession and see how it is carried out.

How to play

To those who have mastered the art of pet training and are seeking a new challenge, this game is for you! It has you putting overweight cats through their paces on exercise platforms in an effort to reduce their weight. Try to get in shape by exercising with cats on treadmills. To get the cat to the end of the platform, you'll have to pick the proper alternatives and courses based on its current weight. Keep them from getting too fat, as they won't be able to walk across glass bridges if that happens.


Gameplay continues after a failed attempt if you watch an advertisement, the controls are simple and enjoyable, and there's even a mode for two players!

How to play:


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