Adam and Eve: Adam the Ghost

Adam and Eve: Adam the Ghost
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Adam has turned into a villain in Adam and Eve: Adam the Ghost and is now spending his time frightening people all across the world! Assist Adam in frightening as many people as he can. Play this sweet little game with Adam, your favorite character.

How to play

This game employs the standard Adam and Eve gameplay in which you must click on various items and objects to assist Adam in advancing through the level and achieving his objective. The goal of each level is to scare as many people as you can. He needs your help because he is new to this position. You're going to tour the world, visit other nations, cross the ocean, and select your victims to frighten them witless. You have to really use your head to try and find out how to scare the individual as the stages get harder and harder. This game is a ton of fun and has 14 distinct levels to finish. It's time to move and meet your new victim. Enjoy yourselves!


When he reaches the target, he can make a frightening face.

Many levels with various areas and a special challenge

Your click counts are monitored


To interact with anything in the scenes, use your mouse or finger.

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How to play:

How To Play Adam and Eve: Adam the Ghost

Use your mouse